Gandhi & What he stood for (Speech)

I found this blog interesting in light of another leader who recently found millions of followers very quickly. The two are on different paths, or are they? They both have their views of their nation guide them.

The Curious Guy

*I gave this speech in The Loudspeakers Aug 12 meet up

*This is unedited. 

Imagine, a guy in this late 40s. Arrives back to his home country via a ship, he is wearing premium British clothes, holding a suitcase full of legal papers.

His dad worked for British Raj (East India Company) & helped the Britishers to collect tax from innocent peasants.

In his 20s, the guy was nothing more than a  spoiled brat, he smoked, he lied,, he drank!

He got to study England when about 10% Indians could read & write! He was lucky, that His family had enough wealth that he could spend his life resting.

But yet, this insane guy,  when he returned back to India did something no one in the history the of the world ever did.

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