#Canada150 Day163

Canada150 163.jpg


What the past has left us. And what the future holds.

Launching in June, #Legacies150 is a series of 14 interactive photo essays featuring Canadians from all walks of life who share personal reflections on our common journey—on what we’ve received from our past, our land and our ancestors—and the legacies we aspire to leave for future generations.

Combining original photography, responsive design and stunning soundscapes, #Legacies150 is a collaboration between accomplished creatives, showcasing the collective talents of a rich mix of photographers, filmmakers, poets, musicians, and writers from across the country.

Contributors include comedian and actress Mary Walsh, Governor General’s Literary Award-winning author France Daigle, poet and artist Natasha Kanapé Fontaine, photographer Yannick Grandmont, filmmaker Helene Klodawsky, multidisciplinary artist Walter Kaheró:ton Scott, and one of Canada’s most legendary photographers, George Hunter. The range of styles, perspectives, and practices they represent is a fitting embodiment of the varied creative endowment of Canada writ large.

These stories won’t just live online: the NFB will also be collaborating with key partners to create displays and installations in major venues and events, with details announced soon.




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