#Canada150 Day 162

Canada150 162

Creations Art Gallery is celebrating Canada 150 and Ancaster Heritage Days with a major exhibition of original oil paintings by Frank Panabaker.

The show includes major works by Panabaker depicting scenes of Canada from the Rocky Mountains to Algonquin Park and Georgian Bay and onto the shores of Nova Scotia.

Ancaster resident Frank Panabaker was a major figure among Canadian landscape painters. When he passed away in 1992 the highly-respected artist left a remarkable legacy of personal interpretations of our nation’s landscape from coast to coast. Our Home and Native Land: Frank Panabaker’s Canada reaffirms the significant contribution of Frank Panabaker to the development of the visual arts in Canada. Frank Panabaker generously contributed to the growth of the arts community of the Hamilton region.

For those who are unfamiliar with Panabaker’s landscapes this exhibition offers a unique opportunity to experience, at first hand, original oil paintings and inspect a wide range of prints from Panabaker’s images of Canada. Frank Panabaker’s paintings were widely collected nationally and internationally. Today they grace many homes in the Hamilton area and throughout North America.



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