#Canada150 Day 137


As part of the International Museums Day, a new temporary exhibit : Intervalles. 10 moments towards 1867, including a participative  activity  where visitors can  comment on the 150 Words Wall (Mur de 150 mots).

May 18th 2017, is International Museums Day (IMD2017) and many activities will take place at the Museum; at 2:00 pm and commented visit of the exhibit: Intervalles. 10 moments towards 1867 by Jeanne Mance Cormier, Rémi Frenette and Annette White will be followed by the launch of the 150 Words Wall.

As well at 7:00 pm, a public conference by Annette White present ” Rediscovering objects from the Collections” (À la redécouverte d’objets de la collection). She will discuss the contribution of costume reproduction in assisting with a better understanding of museum collections.

The exhibit will be on display until June 11 and the Museume blog will be available until July 20.



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