#Canada150 Day 103

Canada150 103

The tulip has been a symbol of the sustained relationship between the Netherlands and Canada since 1945. The Town of Lincoln like many communities is looking to create its own springtime legacy.

In the Fall of 2016, the Town of Lincoln gave away 40,000 tulips to the Community (residents, businesses and institutions), as part of a larger project to plant 150,000 tulips across the Town.

Thanks to the generous donations made by local companies we will have approximately 10 municipal facilities with gardens located across the Town blooming with over 110,000 tulips.

Well, Spring is coming and soon we will see the tulips begin to bloom.

The Canada 150 Committee will be revisiting the schools across Town to present them with engraved trowels to celebrate the tulip bloom at their locations and their participation in the Canada 150 tulip-planting event.

The companies that donated tulips for municipal facilities and locations will be honored with plaques at tulip beds around Town.

The Town will be running a photo contest for all members of the community to show case the fantastic display of red and white tulips in bloom across Town. Details on the contest will be posted shortly.


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