img_20161121_0806428Today is the least favourite day of the year for me.  There are others that I don’t like, but today is one of my least favourite days.

Today  I wore winter boots for my walk to work, they will be a part of my until the snow is gone, likely in April.  It’s not something I look forward to doing.

I like my boots, they keep my feet warm and dry, but it’s like walking with 5lb weights on each foot.  I now have to plan for extra time to get out of the house and because of the weight of the shoes, the crust of snow and ice on the sidewalks it takes longer to walk to work.

The good news is that with the first day of boots, it can only mean that the winter solstice is near, the days become longer, the temperatures get warmer and the day I put my boots away gets closer one day at a time.


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